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April 16th, 2010

04:21 pm - Soil & Concrete

I left work today and decided to walk over to Four Barrel Coffee and ended up detouring down a side alley because it looked homey, lots of trees and flowers. A gay man about 50 was pouring dark soil into a empty space amidst the concrete.

He was very friendly and told me was the "Midnight Gardener" and was the first one on the block to start planting trees and some of his neighbors had joined him. Japanese maples, plum trees, flowers, in planters and in the empty spaces in the sidewalk.

It made me feel happy and light.

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March 7th, 2010

03:24 pm - Cilantro and Kettle Corn
Do the same people who like Cilantro also like Kettle Corn?

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November 5th, 2009

08:22 pm - Megaphone

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December 29th, 2008

02:33 pm - Free Comps for T.I.C!
If you want to come see the show I'm working on I have 8 free comps for previews-Jan 2-4 and 2 free comps for opening-Jan 5th!

Let me know!

Yelp Page: http://www.yelp.com/events/san-francisco-t-i-c-trenchcoat-in-common

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August 24th, 2008

10:34 am - What's a Winkle?
I took the train from London to Canterbury on Friday afternoon. The town itself is very cute and quite posh. It's surrounded by a city wall on some sides with "Gates" in the four directions. I felt a bit like I was entering into Lucca as a walked along the wall edge from the East Train Station.

The Cathedral is beautiful, from the outside, towering over the city as a beautiful centerpiece. In one of the subways that crosses into the City Center is a mural of the Canterbury Tales, which is a nice touch.

I rented a cute pink mountain bike from my hostel yesterday and rode along the "Crab and Winkle Way" to the Seaside town of Whitstable. Half way on the lovely scenic route through forests and wheat fields I suddenly thought out loud, "What's a Winkle?" After a bit of research is seems like Crab and Winkle are nicknames for the two towns that the trail leads to, and a Crab and Winkle Railway used to run through the route. How disappointing. Just like puzzling over the name origin of the city of Sandwich with Sarah-Jane and David and having the internet cop out on me just as I found a scanned original document on the subject.

The ride was nice, 7 miles each way and then a big plate of fish and chips and a Raspberry Wheat Beer from the Whitstable Brewery, and a stroll along the narrow high street packed with adorable old shops and a stroll along the crowded seaside, full of Bank Holiday goers.

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August 22nd, 2008

10:29 am - London London
I arrived in London at 7am on the sleeper from Glasgow. It was quite nice to take the sleeper. I had a little top bunk with bunkles coming down, you know, so I don't roll off or something, with clean with sheets and duvet and a little breakfast box at our 6:30 wake up call.

I went straight to Mel's place in Finsbury park before she left for work and I was very happy to see her and her roommate Pilar. I felt a bit like I was coming home because I had a great time staying with them back in April.

After a nice bath to clean off all my hostel and Glasgow grease I headed down to Central London and watched some of the Olympics which were playing on a big screen in Trafalgar Square.

I walked from there down along SouthBank and got a standing seat for "The Merry Wives of Windsor" at the Globe Theatre. It was a fantastic production, great acting, lovely music, and it was fun to see the whole to-do with the busk basket. I think it may be one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Just antic after antic. I found a spot along a raised platform that ran through the audience like a runway entrance for all the actors, so I had a place to lean my arms and had to jump out of the way as actors came clammering past.

Yesterday I spent the day with Sarah Jane and her little 6 month old, Declan. We sat in Clapham Common and frequented a few posh little cafes. At around 4pm we went to go look at a new flat, since they are under pressure to move out of their current flat. I had a go at feeding Declan his mushed courgette and carrots, but he was quite fussy. David came home from work we cooked up a Jamie Oliver risotto recipe and caught up. It was great to get a chance to see them since I have no idea when I'll be able to visit London again.

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August 19th, 2008

05:39 pm - I like Glasgow in the Springtime
I went down for breakfast at my hostel and watched some of the cycling races in the velodrome, good stuff, I could have sat there all day, but I had to check out by 11am.

It was sunny today! How strange, Glasgow and sun. It almost doesn't make sense. I walked by the dirty river and then up to the necropolis which was quite lovely but a little bit derelict and got a gorgeous view of the ugly city. I popped into St. Mungo's museum and saw an exhibit about Iraqi's refugees which made me cry.

I headed down to the city center and had a sandwich in the square near the Modern Art Museum and then walked through the museum, which was small and lovely and focused entirely on Glaswegian artists and had an exhibit where they had put down a black and white striped linoleum floor in this huge room.


I then headed to the West End and to the Botanical Gardens but after a few minutes I could hear the rolling thunder and I ditched out just as the rain was starting.

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August 18th, 2008

05:05 pm - What day is it?
I got a bit confused and I'm actually going down to London tomorrow night, so tonight I'll be staying in Glasgow. And tomorrow I'll go check out some of the sites and hit up all the free museums.
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August 17th, 2008

11:41 pm - Free Range Farm Paradise
I spent one night on Iona. It was like one big free range farm-pastures full of grazing sheep-it seems idyllic-but one day those sheep become food.

The hostel I stayed at was nestled down at the end of the road to the north of th island. I kept walking and walking and kept walking with my heavy pack and finally reached a sign for the hostel and when I hit a farm house there was a "wee gate" that lead even further down through a meadow until I reached the hostel entry way to put down my pack.

I was too early to check in so I walked back through the sheep pastures to a perfect white beach and fell asleep in the sand.
Current Location: Oban, Scotland
Current Music: Pazzo Hostel People

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August 15th, 2008

08:45 pm - Giant Balls
From Glasgow I headed to Oban. When I got off the train I almost immediately hoped on a boat ride to a seal colony. I wasn't sure if I should get on but the boat guy said, "It's better than a Caribbean cruise!" And I was sold. It was just me and some families with little kids, but the weather was beautiful, the water a glittering green, the seals are so cute and we also went past a salmon farm and I could see them spasmodically leaping out of the water.

After a "dark hot chocolate" I dropped my stuff off at the hostel, and walked up to McCaig's tower and took some photos and then to the other side of town to hike up another peak, I took off my boots and had the view of the sunset all to myself.

The next day I took a ferry to Iona and hiked for 30 minutes to my hostel which was nestled between sheep farms with a view of a secluded beach. On the way there I saw a few young boys herding sheep with a tractor and I watched wide eyes and this sheep with what looked like a still born baby hanging out of it's womb. I was horrified and wondering when the farmers would notice. Then I realized that it wasn't a still born sheep. It was a set of Giant Sheep Balls!

Iona is absolutely beautiful-magical even. I will write more later.

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